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Stop and Reverse WHITE GENOCIDE

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The Alpine Union results in mutual aid and self-defense for central Europe, the full removal of Afro-Ali invaders, and the end to the genocidal post-war states imposed on nations after WWII. These failed states running from Sweden to Italy have no legitimacy. They let the Ali-Afros in to rape Europe's women of their sense of safety in their own counties. They fail the first test of a government which is to provide basic physical security. That was the whole point. Parliamentary democracy is meant to give any little party the chance to ruin effective stable and decisive leadership.

The Alpine Union means the end of all post-war states. This means the end of post-war propaganda and a restoration of historical truth. The basic truth is Hitler wanted a German-serving government to protect blood-Germans on traditional German soil. This evident in every plank of his party's platform. This nationalism is healthy and righteous, meaning that Hitler and his team was healthy and righteous. Once nationalism was demonized no nation in Europe could have nationalism. They must give themselves to the hordes.

If Germany can't have nationalism, no nation can. That is globalism, which is, imperialism and colonialism.

Germany was surrounded by vulture empires that would crack up, if nationalism was normalized. In the long run, Hitler was right. The Soviet Union collapsed into national republics. France lost its empire. The British Empire was cut down and became a shell of its former self. The American Empire of one world government new world order has to fail for the same reasons.They will all be gone. The vulture empires started WWII and it was all for nothing.

Anti-Semitism is the RIGHT TO RESIST Jewish DEBT SLAVERY. Jews control the money supply by its creation through debts. They enjoy the benefits of charging interest without having to first earn the money they are lending. That's how modern banking works. Slavery is unconstitutional and we have every right to resist slavery.


The Alpine Union defines a state as a perspective on a people, their history and destiny. We seek a type of Nordic, German, and Italian unification for the 21st Century, which involves dissolving the USG/EU. We unite the states from New York/New Jersey to Oregon and Washington State (which is majority German, Nordic, and Italian) with their roots in Europe. We do this through direct democracy and a formal process of affirming Alpine Union resolutions.

Words + Votes = Law.

The Alpine Union will not have taxes. This means we can operate freely and champion our vision. It's not illegal to have a perspective, promote it, and to alter or abolish government through legal processes. For example, we can elect 218 members of Congress to suspend all further federal spending. That stops the USG. We can create four regional governments and invite the current members of the US Congress to change horses. That ends the USG. We have many tools in the bag to negotiate and end WHITE GENOCIDE.

Our core strategy uses well-crafted community-adapted resolutions.

This provides feedback, information, news, and drives the news cycle. If one community is ending taxation, others will want to also. If one community is ending mass immigration, others will want to, too. If one community is community-nullifying gun control, others will too. The Alpine Union will craft the resolutions and recognize the community vote. By recognizing the will of the community, the Alpine Union wins the people. That is revolutionary.

Direct Democracy creates new political habits and solves problems rapidly. Resolutions can be adopted by communities anywhere at anytime. Like the Protestant Revolution, this can spread like wildfire. Our approach operates faster than any election cycle. Elections take millions of dollars to participate in. Direct Democracy is faster, cheaper, more efficient, and energizing. The Alpine Union recognizes community nullification, the essence of self-government. That brings power and law-making back to the people on the ground. The Alpine Union provides the formal mechanism to publicly certify the process: stable written resolutions, voting, recognizing the vote. That is the difference between a mob and making law.

Direct democracy ends the battered-wife battered-citizen syndrome. You don't need to go back to Uncle Sam's system of lies, flip-flops, wars and taxes. Now you have an alternative. This is a change in mind-set. That is revolutionary and is the basis of everything else.

Our strategy is a revolutionary strategy that is completely legal. It cultivates the inside.

By changing political habits to ones that empower the people, we change the people, their expectations, and they kind of government that suits them.

Vision: change political habits, abolish taxes which starve them of resources, unite the blood to restore congruence between blood and politics, which is the core of social capital, strong communities, and community security.


Politics is racial husbandry. The US government gives us WHITE GENOCIDE.

Open borders, cancel out the white vote, disarm whites, kill whites off. That's what's happening in South Africa and the US since 1965, and now across Europe.

Andrew Cuomo was foaming at the mouth to stop Donald Trump from banning a billion Muslims from coming to the US. People like Cuomo are insane or treasonous. They are directly responsible for every rape and murder committed by the invaders they invite in. These traitors infest our government.

Wars over there. Refugees over here. Conservatives and liberals both work the WHITE GENOCIDE cycle.

A revolution is a change in the character and direction of state cash flows. We need to cut off the war machine for the Golden Calf Israel. We need to cut off welfare for refugees and rapidly repatriate them. We need to break the US up into regional states that can pursue their own style of racial husbandry. There are four main regions in the US with their own demographics, history, and geography. We must get out of the one-size fits all puritanical-globalist mentality. We need a forest of statelets.


1. No taxes.

2. No refugees.

3. No child-rapists at the top.

4. No thugs at the bottom.

5. Secure means secure. We must secure the existence of our people.