Alpine Union Congress

Stop and Reverse WHITE GENOCIDE


Official Resolutions are numbered by date of posting 5-20-17 as follows 5.20.x.17.

Provisional resolutions are designated with a "P."

Recommended resolutions by the Host and Founder are designed by an "R."

Resolution 5.20.17

The Alpine Union Congress recognizes the United States Government as a (((masonic theocracy))). The USG is a leading sponsor of WHITE GENOCIDE and thereby has no legitimacy before the white race. We, hereby, designate the US flag as the flag of WHITE GENOCIDE. "Red, white, and blue; flag of the Jew."



Resolution Authorizes digital asset Danube (10252391376504518909) as the first officially-issued currency of the Alpine Union. Users mutually-agree to mark Danube to the US dollar.

Resolution Authorizes 40,000 Danube to every member of the US Congress who watches Hellstorm. Authorizes 40,000 Danube to every member of Congress who watches the Dennis Wise documentary on Adolf Hitler (titled Adolf HItler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told). Authorizes 1 million Danube to Donald Trump for watching both documentaries and providing public comment. Authorizes 5000 Danube to White House and Congressional staffers to watch both documentaries. Authorizes 20,000 Danube to all generals and admirals to watch both documentaries. A means to verify viewing shall be provided.

Resolution Authorizes 40,000 Danube to members of the Alpine Union. Members support the Alpine Union vision,can accurately communicate resolutions to media, and help set up direct elections on Alpine Union resolutions in local communities. Members monitor and report accurate direct election resolution results which the Alpine Union Congress can recognize as official. Membership fees are $60 for junior members and $600 for senior members. Members are subject to a Membership Agreement to assure self-government and quality leadership. The Membership Agreement shall be issued and/or updated by the founder and host.

Resolution Recognizes Adolf Hitler's righteous original aim: a German serving-government to protect blood-Germans on traditional German soil.

Resolution Affirms the obligation of the US government to rehabilitate Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in conformity with historical truth; that all war and post-war propaganda be acknowledged, and that all educational materials be adjusted appropriately.

Resolution Compensates all blood-Germans who have been arrested or jailed or imprisoned by the post-war government on matters of historical truth and political conscience, by the equivalent of 1000 Euros per day from day of arrest to day of release, in the Danube equivalent. The Alpine Union commits to pardon and clean the legal records of all affected.

Resolution 5.30.17 Community affirmation resolution: this community requires all banks and debt collection companies to accept Danube for all debts in default on a Danube for dollar basis.

Resolution Community affirmation resolution: this community requires all banks, debt collection companies, and bond holders to accept Danube for all debts in default on a 1 to 1 Danube for dollar basis.

Resolution 5.31.17 Alpine Union shall not levy taxes on citizens; for citizens taxes shall not be levied on paychecks, personal income, sales transactions, capital gains, or profits on race-serving business.

Resolution 6.1.17

Brute Squad Resolution (currently available to members-only; need to have this on a free speech host-service)


aka Holohoax Resolution

1. Condemns the fabricated claim of gas chambers and any mass gassing of Jews, as filthy allied war propaganda, with no basis in science or the technology of the time.

2. This filthy allied war propaganda now serves as a narrative to advance the end of all homogeneous nations in Europe, including the genocidal allies who are now the biggest pushers of WHITE GENOCIDE. The false song of Holocaust propaganda must be rejected in favor of blood-European nationalism, the homogeneity of nations, and the protection of such homogeneity through a blood-loyal nation-state, a nation's source of pride, heroes, and social happiness.

3. There is no reason to teach history from a depraved Jewish, Soviet, or Anglo-American perspective. The law of the jungle absolves European man of any guilt for fighting off Jews, their communism, their deceptions, and their debt slavery.

4. Germany and all nations of Europe had every right to throw Jews into prison camps to suppress their efforts at communist revolution. Putting Jews in pigpens was a matter of self-preservation and self-defense. A pig-pen is not a slaughterhouse; which explains why there are so many "survivors" of the Holocaust. The Czar did not throw Jews into prison. They slaughtered his family. Never be at the mercy of Jews. They killed Jesus. They starved millions in Ukraine. They are a another species out to destroy your species. Hitler put the Jews away in isolation camps, deported others, and scared the rest out of Europe. While he was in charge, there was no communist revolution. This proves the point that Jews cause communism. Ban the Jew and you stop communism. There is nothing wrong with putting Jews into work camps, when they want to put your whole nation into gulags. Jews are unfit for life in host nations.

5. Communism is the slavery of mankind to the Jews. It is the political condition demanded by Judaism, which posits a messiah who will give each Jew 2800 Gentile slaves. Judaism is a religion of hate.

6. Mass murder communism demands the execution of the talented top 15 percent of a nation who could provide resistance to Jewish domination. Communism is not meant to work, but to starve and slaughter any opposition to Jewish rule. Communism is Jewish imperialism, but it is marketed by Jews as a noble ideal, scientific socialism, and a historical inevitability, to inspire cucks and demoralize the righteous. Is enslaving and slaughtering your own family noble, scientific, and inevitable? Communism starved millions in gulags because that is what it is supposed to do. That is what you have to do to wreck a nation; Jews being the nation-wreckers. Gentiles have no stake in communism.

7. Jews are not the indigenous people of Europe. They infiltrated through Spain, Greece, and Russia. The Nordic-Germanic people, the indigenous people of Europe, have every right to throw out the infiltrators, imperialists, invaders, colonialists, and genocidal maniacs, especially, if they claim they are god's gift to the world.

8. The "holocaust is flat." It has no meaning from the perspective of blood-Europeans. Europe is our territory. Jews deserve to know that Europeans punched down their Gentile hate and this should serve as inspiration for fighting their hate and hate crimes once again. When the Jews lost control over Europe, they called it a Holocaust, but it does not mean Jews were gassed en masse. There is no reason to celebrate the end of the holocaust, i.e., the return of Jews to power over Europe, communist slavery, and open borders WHITE GENOCIDE. This is to be righteously resisted in the name of racial purity and self-preservation.

9. Historical truth from the righteous European perspective of self-preservation and self-defense is the proper way to teach this detail of history.


Resolution 6.2.17

Resolution dismissing the claim that the United States landed on the moon; for lack of compelling evidence that stands the test of time; what evidence NASA has presented fails under the test of public scrutiny.

1) clear evidence of staged scenes and set designs

2) evidence said to be lost or lacking, such as, lost telemetry, a lack of dust on the moon lander, or the lack of dust erupting after takeoff from the moon surface or landing on it.

3) black box control of information and television feeds to deaden the detail to viewers and prevent careful scrutiny

4) the lack of unbiased upstanding outside observers to confirm the achievement

5) subsequent fabrications relating to the Space Shuttle destroy NASA's institutional credibility

6) use of digital effects to produce fraudulent evidence, including absurd changes in the size of the continents, in pictures provided by NASA.

7) offering artist renderings, instead of, actual video or photographic evidence

8) the lack of any other nation or enterprise confirming the ability of man to land on the moon

9) Understand that the claim of space travel violates Newton’s Third Law that prohibits acceleration in a vacuum. You need a medium to move. Space is like black ice. You can’t turn to the moon, slow down to get into its orbit, or leave the moon surface, turn to the earth, and get into earth orbit. These all require acceleration. You can't slow down on black ice. Rockets don't work in space. There's no traction in space. There is nothing to push or thrust against.

10) the inability of rocket fuel to ignite or sustain ignition in a vacuum.

(9) and (10) establish why rocket-driven space travel is impossible; and that a ruse had to be made to sustain a claim of landing on a moon in space.

11) that moon rocks turned out to be frauds

12) that astronauts are masons and military characters obligated to lie for national security, and suffer from Jessica Lynch syndrome.

13) the inability to see stars from the surface of the moon in photos said to be taken from the moon

14) this resolution recognizes the difference between rockets designed to briefly fly within the atmosphere (and their dependence on the atmosphere to sustain thrust) and the inability to go beyond the atmosphere, between Von Braun's production of rockets versus phony moon landings for political or cultural mental-engineering

15) the skilled use of the movie technology to slow down speed of action to suggest bouncy movement and reduced gravity

16) the skilled use of the power of suggestion, in which, people assume that a rocket launch to the moon, actually, goes to the moon once it is out of sight.

17) the skilled use of group think and news and media reinforcement to cultivate a collective perception and a collective experience

18) the skilled use of compartmental worker units that allow the criminal enterprise to be achieved with cooperation of participants

19) that colleges and universities are dependent on NASA and Congress for their grants and financing, that they keep quiet to keep funds flowing, and thus have a financial interest and participation in the fraud, well beyond, a conflict of interest. They are colluding to lie to the young about their history and to deceive the public for money. There is no reason for people to carry water for NASA, or institutions of higher deceptions. Ordinarily, anyone in fabricating evidence would have to withdraw their claims and papers, and would lose their career, but because NASA is an institution that has everyone on the dole, it cannot be replaced, except, by political will and alternative institutions.

20) that the moon landing was a critical component of subsequent financial frauds including star wars technology, nuclear weapons, satellites, telescopes, and other space-based hoaxes.

21) These lies prove that the United States government has no credibility, no legitimacy, and should be dissolved for fraud, at the earliest opportunity.


Resolution 6.3.17

Defines anti-semitism as the RIGHT TO RESIST JEWS from slaughtering my family, sexualizing our children, enslaving our people, fomenting Jew-wars, subsidizing Israel, destroying our nation, genociding our race, or otherwise polluting our space. This is a matter of self-preservation, the first law of morality, based on the law of the jungle, a universal virtue all creatures can appeal to.

The purpose of this resolution is to compete with the definition that Jews want made into law in the EU and US.